Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Flickr, Further

I have always used Photoshop to edit my photos, because I have an old oooooold version from when I was in college. I don't really know what I'm doing, though, so it's always a bit tough. One of my fellow librarians has been talking about how much fun Picasa is for a while, but I still haven't really played around with it. But recently Picasa and flickr joined forces - and now you can edit your photos with Picasa right from your flickr page! How cool.

So here's a photo I took last week of the magnolia tree in our little courtyard:


I wanted to brighten it up, because it was such a gray day when I took this. So here's some of Picasa's magic:


And THEN I went a little crazy with the effects:


This is definitely a lot of fun... and it's way easier (and faster) than using Photoshop. We may have a convert here.

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