Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Messing Around in the Sandbox: Thing #17

Playing around with editing the OCL Web Things PBwiki was a lot of fun. I haven't ever actually edited a wiki before, but it's just like editing any other sort of document when you get right down to it. I added my blog, of course, and added the Mets to the list of favorite sports teams. Have I not mentioned that yet? (In sort of related Mets news, I realized recently that I always seem to use the RSS feed from Mets.com when I explain RSS feeds to people. Why is that the one I pick? It's not intentional, I promise.)

And also, since sharing technology is one of my favorite parts of being a librarian, I also added a tip to the list of Our Favorite Computer Tips. I posted a link to Zamzar, which has quickly become one of my absolute favorite web tools ever since one of our customers showed it to us a few months ago. Zamzar is a free file conversion website that lets you upload files so they can be converted from one file type to another. They then email you a link to download the new file. At first it just sounded like an interesting tool, but I have used it for so many things. Mostly, I use it to convert Word documents and Excel spreadsheets and Google docs into .pdf files. I've also used it to help customers who come in with .docx files, which we can't always open on the public computers at the library. It can also do all sorts of music and video file conversions, but I haven't explored that as much yet. I'll have to try it one of these days.

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