Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thing #22: ListenNJ, Interrupted.

At the last library I worked, I would occasionally have to teach a customer how to download a ListenNJ audiobook. We even had a practice mp3 player at the reference desk to use. I got into the habit of listening to audiobooks when I worked at Rutgers, because it somehow kept me less bored during the 3 hours I'd spend each day in the car. But have I ever downloaded a ListenNJ audiobook to actually use for myself? Of course not! I tried this out at work, although I was a bit skeptical that I'd be able to download the software successfully... and I was right, so I'm going to have to try this at home tonight. Talk about cutting it down to the wire!

Update: Well, after some rigamarole about upgrading Windows Media Player so the Overdrive player would work, and a few restarts, I finally got my audiobooks to work. I downloaded Goldfinger by Ian Fleming. I've long been a fan of the James Bond movies (is it bad if I tell you that while I adore Sean Connery as 007, I secretly prefer Roger Moore?), I've never read any of the actual stories that the 007 movies are based on. But anyway! The bottom line is that I got the audiobook to work, and I'm already digging the very British narrator (Robert Whitfield). Something about the fact that ListenNJ audiobooks are, I don't know, FREE, will get me to make a habit of this, especially now that this Thing got me to actually go ahead and download the software. I also downloaded the audiobook of Dracula, one of my very favorite books. Yay!

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