Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Thing #19: The Best of the Web 2.0y Best

With Thing #19, we're asked to explore SEOmoz's Web 2.0 Awards, a really great way to explore the best and the brightest of web 2.0 tools and tricks. There are so many that it was hard to know where to start. I picked a few random ones to look at.

The first I looked at is Backpack, which falls under the category of Organization. When I wrote about Google Docs and Zoho, I briefly mentioned my personal quest to find a way to stay organized online - all in one place. I already use Google calendar and Google docs and Tadalist, an online to do list manager. While Zoho has an online organizer type thing, I didn't like it because it's not pretty enough for me. Backpack, though, seems like it might be a good solution. What I was most surprised about as I looked at it today, though, was that in reality, it looks just like a wiki... a wiki without the collaboration. Like a wiki, Backpack allows you to gather all types of information (links to sites or products, photos, a to do list, uploaded files, all sorts of stuff). Actually, now that I think about it, Backpack looks like a strange hybrid. Or a wonderful one. I am torn, because I'd sort of like to try it, but do I need another account with something? Probably not.

The next two sites were just for fun, and they are pretty darn fun. One Sentence is a blog of sorts, where users can submit stories that can be told in one sentence. It's a relatively simple idea, but one that can be unexpectedly poignant. Coverpop is a sort of strange site... it's a collection of giant mosaics, and you can hover over them to see the source (a flickr image, online store, etc). Here's one of cell phones that's pretty interesting to look at. It's not necessarily a useful site, but one that's very visual and undeniably 2.0.

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