Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Thing 20: The Web 2.0 Time Waster Prize Goes to... Youtube!

One of my favorite examples of this whole "web 2.0" thing when talking to people who aren't too familiar with the concept is youtube. It's clearly an entertaining website where you can waste quite a bit of time. One of the things I use it for quite often is to find new music. Because so many bands are posting their music videos to youtube, it's a surprisingly easy way to listen to some songs before you decide to buy the entire album. Another particularly entertaining youtube pasttime is watching old tv commercials. As I was surfing youtube, trying to find the perfect video for this here blog post, I discovered something pretty awesome: there are old Mets commercials on youtube! Two years ago, there was a series of Mets commercials featuring my favorite mascot, Mr. Met, getting into trouble while the Mets were playing games away from Shea. Here's one of my favorites of the bunch, because I absolutely couldn't resist:

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